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What Would Sheila Say? // Helping Create Joyful Careers & Businesses based in Clear Expectations & Professional Boundaries (An Original CreativesEd® Podcast)

Sep 22, 2022

In today’s episode - the first of five episodes in this contracts series - I’m going to introduce you to the basics of a contract. And y’all: contracts are my favorite!

Contracts are the one thing you can do and always be happy with the outcome. Contracts are the law of the relationship between you and your...

Sep 8, 2022

Want to know how to get amazing clients and have them refer more just like them? Then you’re not going to want to miss this episode! Today, we’re expanding on the idea of planning a bit - we’ll be talking about what it means to create FLOW - PROCESSES - a WORK/FLOW - one that ensures that you and the person...