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Jan 26, 2023

© 👉🏽 If you’re not sure whether you have a copyright, whether you can use someone else’s work, and if so, how much, then you’re in the right place!

We’re continuing the discussion about intellectual property, and particularly, intellectual property rights related to copyrights. 

This is not legal advice...

Jan 12, 2023

Today’s episode is all about what it means to set your business apart from your competition, and we’re coming at it from the context of a Trade Name and then a category of Intellectual Property called Marks (which includes Trademarks, Service Marks, and Sound Marks).

I’m going to explain the difference between...

Jan 5, 2023

Today is Episode 38, and it’s a continuation of our discussion about property. In our last episode, I introduced the concept of property to you - how you own it, how you get it, how you get rid of it, how to share it. Today, and over the next few episodes, we’re going to go deeper into intellectual property, which...