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What Would Sheila Say? // Helping Create Joyful Careers & Businesses based in Clear Expectations & Professional Boundaries (An Original CreativesEd® Podcast)

Mar 23, 2023

Today, we’re talking about SIMPLICITY, your SECOND best friend. Y’all already know what your first best friend is, but if you’re not sure, listen in and find out! 

Before we dive in, I just want to remind y’all that I have something that is going to make your life soooo much easier, and yes, SIMPLER and more...

Mar 10, 2023

Today, we are revisiting what it means to have a reputation, what it means to have a brand, and what it means to have communications and clear expectations with people. And fun, fun - this is the start of four episodes about getting work and getting clients!

I wanted to start with your brand and your reputation because...