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What Would Sheila Say? // Helping Create Joyful Careers & Businesses based in Clear Expectations & Professional Boundaries (An Original CreativesEd® Podcast)

Sep 21, 2023


Today, we've got Robert and Kay Lee Fukui back on the show and we’re zoomzooming into the future, celebrating their one year book-iversary for Tandem, the Married Entrepreneur's Guide for Greater Work-Life Balance!

We’ll be discussing what it means to write a book, of course, but also about handling potential conflict with others in the car on long road trips, why you should never eat a Snickers bar, and the lessons learned (and plans formed!) from a year post-book release. 

One of the things I love about Robert and Kay Lee is that they're not just looking at the business as a business. They're looking at the business as a living, breathing extension of you as a person, and if you own a business with a partner, a business partner, or your spouse, that extra extension also includes the extension of who you are as people. Today is no exception to this rule, as you’ll hear how they’ve grown even closer since Episode 48! And on that note, this is part two of two (which we'll talk about inside of the episode). 

For now, grab your pen and paper, especially if you own a business with somebody else, or you run someone’s business. Or maybe go grab that person, hand them a cup of coffee or something stronger, and sit down, listen, and catch those aha moments that I know you're gonna have. Make a list of things you want to talk about for yourself - to help you be better, and for the business and structures to be stronger.


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