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What Would Sheila Say? // Helping Create Joyful Careers & Businesses based in Clear Expectations & Professional Boundaries (An Original CreativesEd® Podcast)

Oct 19, 2023


It’s Episode 58, and we’ve got Becca Rich in the HOUSE! You’re going to love this episode, as Becca and I navigate through how to transform your relationship with time, so you can be more present and reclaim your life. Join us as we discuss the transition from being "busy" to intentionally choosing how to fill your life with what truly matters, with insights from Becca, a holistic time management expert. Then, discover the secrets to collaborating with time and harnessing its richness to achieve your goals, as we uncover the wisdom together!

Here are just a few key quotes and takeaways from this episode - listen for more!

Compelling Quotes from the Episode:

Becca: "Time is us. It's our lifetime."

Sheila: "What about your inner life like? How much time do you want to spend with your family? What about your extended family? Let's look at all the obligations and all the responsibilities that you've committed to."

Becca: "When we're intentional, that's when time is regenerative and that's when everything else becomes easier."

Key Takeaways:

Externalize Time: Learn how to visualize and externalize your time to gain a clear understanding of how you spend it and make intentional changes.

Regain Agency Over Your Time: Understand that you have control over a portion of your time, even in situations with responsibilities, work, and children, and explore how to reclaim your agency.

Collaboration with Time: Discover the concept of collaborating with time, making it a regenerative force in your life, and finding ways to align your time with your personal goals and values.

Transforming from 'Busy' to 'Full to the Brim': Explore the shift from the overwhelming feeling of being "busy" to consciously filling your time with what truly matters.

Holistic Time Management: Delve into the principles of holistic time management and how it can help you unlock the richness of life by making time your ally.

Listen in for some serious behind the scenes shares. Can’t wait to hear what resonated!

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